Kamis, 14 November 2013

Guided tour through the countryside of Chelsea Football Club

Throughout the holidays in London we are able to perform a variety of sports-related visits and logically football can be the star along our vacation. One of the proposals offered for all tourists is to know the Chelsea Football Club, which is one of the largest in England at the moment and has many fans.

It's an English club currently has a great popularity and offers the possibility of a guided tour of their stadium throughout the year and enjoy a number of interesting options , as well as being an experience that everyone will usually please much as they journey through London.

Although the pack that is offered for doing the tour changes every year , the fact is that it can offer some discount vouchers for tourists, True Blue badge for collectors , plus a DVD related to Chelsea and a book , so gifts that are offered to visitors who want to know the stage of Chelsea .

Course is a visit worth making because it allows tourists to enjoy one of the great England football fields and a scenario where the events large national and international matches . Although it is your right club is that it can be quite an experience for those wishing to enjoy the inside of a stadium.